BBQ Baby Back Rib Sauce Recipe

Here is a quick and easy to follow BBQ sauce recipe for BBQ ribs and will also work nicely for your other barbecue foods such as barbecue hamburgers, barbecue chicken, barbecue baby back rib, or barbecue brisket. It is a good crowd-pleasing recipe for your neighborhood smoked ribs party this summer.

It is easy because it just gives you the basic guidelines for whipping up your own customized bbq ribs sauces so that you will never again have to follow a recipe. You know the old saying: "give a man a fish and feed him for a day; but teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime". I decided that this is true when it comes to outdoor cooking - people are just tired of having to follow recipes and exact amounts all the time, it would be much easier if you could throw these things together based not on what some internet barbecue site says, but rather based on the ingredients that you actually have. Nothing is more frustrating than reading through the recipe ingredient list and discovering that you are missing one or two items.

I hope that you will find that this bbq baby back rib sauce recipe will work well on short notice or if you are too busy to spend two or three hours on just the recipe for bbq sauce. Cooking food sure gets a little easier if you can take a few shortcuts now and again when following a dinner recipe.

Quick note for easy cooking: this is not exactly gourmet cooking, it is bbq cooking, so I am including a variety of alternatives for the ingredients because, as stated above, I know how frustrating it can be to not have one or two of the recipe book items when trying to follow a supposedly easy bbq cooking recipe. Feel free to use any of the alternates - they each contribute a different flavoring or texture and will work well together in any combination.

Baby Back Ribs Recipe BBQ Sauce

Ingredients list:

Base: a good barbecue sauce recipe usually contains a tomato base of some sort, so use one or more of the following: Tomato Sauce, Ketchup, Canned Tomatoes, Diced Tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, bottled bbq sauce, or tomato paste. The last ingredient, tomato paste does not taste so great when used by itself but does add a nice texture and flavor when combined with one or more of the other recipe ingredients.

Another important flavor in bbq cooking is the sweetener. Now for this there are quite a few alternates and allows for the most imagination when cooking food. The primary sweeteners are all sugars, or are foods that contain high amounts of sugars: Sugar, Brown Sugar, (any kind of sugar), syrups, Coke or Pepsi etc., jelly (yes, normal grape or any other flavor of jelly works and tastes great in barbecue sauces).

The third ingredient is what I will simply call the balancer or the blender. This can easily be thought of as the tomato or sugar counterbalance. This ingredient smooths out the overall punch of the barbecue sauce. You can use things like Worcestershire sauce, mustards, steak sauces, etc.

Another key ingredient in common in both our bbq baby back rib recipe and overall cooking food recipes is the "punch". This is the zing ingredient, the citrus, the part that makes your cheeks water. For this you can use lime juice, lemon juice, Italian dressings, vinegar and oil, orange juices, orange peel, etc. Here you can add any one of these or one of your own.

Now all that you really need to add to your custom recipe for bbq sauce is spice. Here is where you want to add those spices that appeal to you; do not make it too spicy if you are cooking for children because they can taste spices more severely than adults can. Here you can add salt, peppers, allspice, cayenne pepper, onion, garlic, etc. You can see a full list of recipe or bbq rub spices here.

Basically, all that you need to do for this bbq baby back rib sauce recipe is to pick one or more ingredients from the categories below, combine them, mix or stir well, and serve with your bbq cooking. You can heat it in a saucepan first if you want to, but it not necessary. Heating does blend the ingredients together well and it even amplifies some of them, but it also kills some of the punch, especially if you prefer to use fresh ingredients. These basic elements of the barbecue sauce are all that you need to be able to cook the best smoked barbecue ribs or baby back ribs on short notice with nothing more than what you already have. Try it next time you smoke ribs or barbecue smoked brisket.


  1. Anonymous12:10 PM

    you are the Bomb, I had No BBQ sauce at home, didnt want to go to the store. I had all ingredient of all the 5 essential BBQ tips !! Made the ribs, ate the ribs. And now i know i can use this bbq based method. Love it!!

  2. great post, I really like it. Thanks for posting. :)

  3. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Very helpful, really wanted to make some slow cooked ribs for dinner but seemed to be missing 1 or 2 ingredients for all the recipes I have looked at. So have now put together a combo of sweated off onion, garlic,oil, coke, 1 tin tomato,2tbs tomato sauce, 2tbs bbq sauce, 1tbs worstershire, 1tbs dijon mustard, tabasco, cayenne pepper, paprika, all spice, steak spice, salt, pepper, lime juice, vinegar all cooking on a low heat now and it tastes AWESOME!!!!


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