Basting Smoked Ribs for Great Taste

baste ribs recipes
Do you find that, when you are smoking ribs, the flavor never quite reaches the tender meat inside and tends to simply cling to the outside of the meat? Maybe you’ve tried various recipes for your bastings and rubs but can’t seem to get the ribs to absorb the taste all the way through. At times, you may even find that your smoked ribs don’t retain a great deal of the smoky taste you’d like them to pick up from the hours spent slow roasting in the smoker. How can you remedy this situation so that your ribs retain all the flavor you’ve put into them and also absorb that distinct flavor throughout the entire piece of meat rather than just on the surface?

One of the number one secrets of professional smokers is the use of a very simple element when smoking ribs. This element can be used by itself prior to adding rubs and seasoning, or it can be blended into the rub so that you only have a single step in preparing the meat with the baste. Either way, yellow mustard is the key to creating the perfectly flavorful ribs.

Note that, if you are looking for yellow mustard, you don’t need to purchase anything fancy. In fact, name brands aren’t necessary, and you don’t even have to purchase something more expensive because you prefer the flavor of one brand over another. In smoking ribs, you will remove all lingering hints of mustard taste anyway, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t even like mustard. This is the secret ingredient to the most flavorful and tender smoked ribs.

basting bbq ribs recipe

Once spare ribs or baby back ribs are rinsed and patted dry, before adding your seasoning, coat the ribs with yellow mustard. This offers several advantages. First, you’ll find that powdered rubs stick to the meat better, which adds more flavor from the start. Also, the mustard opens up the “pores” of the meat, allowing it to absorb the flavor of the seasoning, with the spices permeating the meat and making the taste available throughout the membranes of the ribs, all the way down to the bone. Also, in opening up the meat to more absorption of flavor, you’ll be assured that more of the smoky, woodsy flavor provided by smoking wood chips is absorbed into the meat. By the time your smoked ribs are done hours later, the aroma and taste of the meat will be unparalleled, nd the mustard flavor will be nonexistent so no one will ever know your secret.

You can also consolidate steps by creating a mustard-based rub. By blending your powdered spices into the yellow mustard, you can create a baste that will not only coat the pork ribs in mustard but also incorporate the flavors you desire into that initial baste. This will cut back on the time spent preparing the meat, removing a step from the process. You’ll also find, in some cases, that moistening the ingredients of your rub will make the flavor pop more, meaning it is a brighter, more noticeable taste when the meat is done. basting ribs recipe

Even if you hate the taste of yellow mustard, you will notice that the use of the substance is a genius way to create the perfect smoked ribs. Critics will have to admit that rib recipes using mustard are more tender and more savory, while the taste of mustard remains undetectable in the end. Try it the next time you are smoking ribs, and you’ll immediately see the difference. You’ll never cook smoked ribs without yellow mustard again!


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    Excellent advice.

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    Question for ya? Are you using paste or powder?


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