The Best Baby Back Ribs

The Best Baby Back Ribs

It’s that time again, time to clean out the smoker so you can throw in a rack of ribs and enjoy a backyard cookout.  Maybe you’ve even volunteered for a group camping trip and decided to take along some baby back ribs to feed the bunch.  Of course, you’ll want your smoked ribs to be award-winning quality, with a unique, savory taste and fall-off-the-bone tenderness.  How can you guarantee that you’ll produce the best baby back ribs everyone who tries them has ever tasted?   

The perfect recipe and excellent technique when smoking ribs will guarantee and experience your critics aren’t likely to forget.  To start with, you need to be sure your rack of pork ribs is clean and ready to go.  Start by rinsing them, then removing the membrane from the back, using a knife to peel it off, starting from the edge of a bone at one end.  This will allow for more flavor to seep into the meat from the seasoning and smoke you use.  Then, rinse the rack of ribs again and pat them dry with paper towels so that you have a clean, fresh rack that is ready for further preparation.  Before adding your seasoning and cooking, let the spare ribs sit out for a few hours, allowing them to warm to room temperature.  The meat will be more porous and absorp more flavor at room temperature than if it is cold from the refrigerator or frozen.

Check out your options for wood chips to throw in the smoker.  Hickory and mesquite will offer a thick, heady woodsy taste with a strong, spicy bite to it.  Oak is a more mild option and can actually be smoked longer without overwhelming the flavor of your seasoning with too much smoke.  You can add a hint of apple wood, pecan, or other such fruity varieties to help bring out a sweeter taste to the ribs.  Whatever wood chips you choose, the idea is to keep them from burning and rather let them smolder and smoke.  To accomplish this, you’ll want to protect them, either with a smoker box or a foil pouch into which you’ve made several small holes.  Be sure to soak the wood chips in advance for one to two hours, and once heated, keep the smoker’s temperature around 200 degrees.  

When you are preparing your baby back ribs, first coat them in a thin layer of yellow mustard.  Don’t worry if you are not a fan of that flavor; the taste will disappear with the smoke.  However, this will help to open up the meat even more and let the powdered rub soak into it for a flavor that runs through and through.  Then, determine the ingredients of your chosen rub based on the type of results you want.  For a sweeter taste, use ingredients like brown sugar, paprika, and garlic powder.  For something greener and more aromatic, try oregano and basil.  If you want a spicy set of baby back ribs, use cayenne, ground chipotle, onion powder, and chili powder, with just a hint of garlic powder.

Perfect tenderness for your smoked ribs can be achieved with four or more hours spent in the smoker.  With stronger, smokier woods like hickory and mesquite, you want to be sure not to overcook the ribs, as they will become tough and bitter in taste.  With other, more mild woods, you have more leeway and can achieve greater tenderness with a little extra time spent in the smoker.  Either way, you are sure to create an impressive rack of pork ribs to share with the community and become a legend in your own right!

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