Easy Smoked Ribs

This is an easy but basic recipe to make real smoked ribs. I have cut out all the complicated procedures and refined it down to just the core process. You can add your own flare to it as you see fit. Don’t get me wrong, these ribs taste wonderful and would be well suited for any occasion.

1 or 2 racks of spare pork ribs.

Aluminum foil

Small pieces of wood or sticks for smoking

A charcoal grill or smoker

Charcoal and lighter
Prepare charcoal grill as usual, placing a pile of briquettes to one side in a pyramid and then dousing with charcoal lighter. Wait a few seconds and light. Close lid and wait for coals to turn gray.
When fire is ready, spread coals and put wood pieces all around, directly on top of the coals. Be careful not to burn yourself.
Place ribs on grill grates as far from heat source as possible. If your grill is too small, place a metal cake pan of water down first, cover it with hole punched foil, and then place the ribs on top of the foil.

Close lid and cut off most of the ventilation, leaving just enough for the coals to smolder. After a bit, you should see the smoke from the wood starting to escape.

Slow Cooker Ribs
Feed more wood to the coals as needed. Again, use caution. I use a long kitchen tongs to place wood.
Smoke the ribs in this way for three hours. Remove ribs to cookie sheet, take indoors and let cool.

Wrap ribs in aluminum foil. I recommend that you double wrap them. Refrigerate.
The ribs will last for another day or two if you wish to cook them later. When you are ready, place the ribs into the oven and cook on low (around 250 degrees) for three to four hours. Keep the foil on them and keep them on the cookie sheet as you cook them. UPDATE: the longer you cook them, the more tender they will be but be careful not to overcook them or else they will be too mushy.

They are now ready to eat! Unwrap ribs slowly by the sink. Watch out for the steam. It is best to open one end of the foil and let the juices run out into the sink. Hold racks with hot pads. Place on meat board, cut and serve with your favorite barbecue sauce.

Side item recommendations include, baked beans, french bread, corn on the cob and a nice cool Greek salad.


  1. Love the blog and all the BBQ tips.


  2. Brian, what kind of rubs do you like to use. I like this simple and to the point recipe. Also what do you think about Ceramic grills smokers

  3. Oh yeah, cant wait to try that out.

  4. tried it loved it! great recipe.

  5. Anonymous4:23 PM

    The only thing I would change is use a charcoal chimney to light your coals, not lighter fluid.


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