Skewer You All -- My Take On Smoking Ribs

Hey guys, I appreciate all the feedback, both positive and negative. I don't even really mind the folks who are just trying to leave their link. There have been a lot of surprisingly critical comments about how long I put the ribs in the oven, so I just wanted to put a little note up.

The entire timing process of smoking ribs depends a lot on how many racks you are smoking at once. This is not so important in the smoker as it is in the oven phase, where the amount of heat absorbed by the food depends on the quantity of food. I smoked four to six racks at once and so that is why I must slow cook them in the oven for that long... if you smoke only one or two racks then yes, please reduce accordingly.

Also, there have been comments about the whole idea of using an oven to finish off the ribs. Again, this is only one way of doing it and is handy for winter time and busy people or folks that cannot just sit outside all day and night. I realize that ovens are not available at smoking competitions... this blog is not aimed at competitive barbecuers (although they might learn a thing or two), it is aimed at the novice smoker who just wants to know how to smoke ribs in a simple way, a way that does not involve a folding chair and a case of beer.

And by the way, smoking ribs in foil on the grill makes no sense in my mind: you are not getting any more smoke into the meat, you are simply just slow cooking them (just like my way) but instead of nice, evenly applied heat from an oven, you are providing uneven heat (which is why you will see professional smokers constantly checking their foiled ribs...because they have no clue if they are done yet or not!).

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  1. Thanks for the tips, trying my first ever ribs in my smoker.


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